Pentacle Moon Pendant Sacred Cat Wisdom

Sacred Cat Wisdom. This artisan cast design features an antiqued detailed Cat sitting on a moon embellished with celtic knotwork, entwined around a sacred pentacle.

The cat symbolizes inner strength, independence and the magical mysteries of healing. The cat is an ultimate authority of its own inner realm and needs no permission to behave in one way or another, A good reminder to be independent and hold a deep, relaxed connection with self, and healing from the inside . A symbol of courage and the spirit of adventure, The cat must be given full reign to rule as it sees fit, a magical creature with the spirit of adventure, courage and
aloofness. Cats have long been viewed as vessels of magical power.
The Moon is also a symbol of the spiritual aspects of femininity, intuition, psychic abilities, creativity and wisdom.
I is interesting to note that the Christian Kabbalists of the Renaissance were especially enamored of the pentagram, which they viewed as a mystical proof of the divinity of Christ – to them, it symbolized Christ as the Holy Spirit manifest in the flesh.

Details: Artisan cast Genuine Pewter - antiqued and polished to a fine luster.
Comes with a black cord.

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