Treasure Dragon Pendant holding a beautiful Gemstone Crystal Point

Treasure Dragon Necklace Pendant. This necklace is Stunning! very detailed, artisan cast in in fine pewter and antiqued for fabulous detail. Shown with Black Onx. Wear this amazing pendant to remind you to pull in pure light energy, and for self mastery and strength.
This large, detailed casting is made of fine antiqued pewter and come in a variety of stones. The perfect gift! Made of fine detailed, genuine pewter, antiqued to bring out the fine craftsmanship.
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Size: Almost 3 inches high from the tip of the wings x 2 inch wingspan.

It is said that these dragons are situated in the tenth dimension, a realm of abiding Peace, intuition and wisdom. As dragons gained mastery over their intuition, they became fascinated with the Way of Peace. Through the guidance of their intuition, the dragon ancestors followed an illumined path into the Dimension of Peace. They are the true "Light Masters", for they can direct and amplify the flow of light energy to the farthest reaches of All That Is.

NOTES: About Aqua Aura - the crystal is put through secret process using real gold to come up with the Aqua Aura color (think Rainbow Topaz) and then bonded to an "A" grade quartz crystal. This is not like a plating, it actually bonds into a layer of the crystal, simply gorgeous!
*The powerful combination of Quartz combined with Gold makes for a very high vibration and energy. A great aid in activating all of the chakras and enhancing communication and psychic gifts.
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