Silver Plated flattened Rollo Cable necklace Chain 20" lobster claw clasp

This listing is for a 26" finished necklace Chain Style that has been silver
plated, with a lobster-claw clasp. These are a nice length,

Style: 3mm Flattened round Rollo Cable chain- shiny silver plated/iron 20" finished chain with lobster clasp (picture does not do these justice)

Quantity: 1pc

Material: Antique Silver over Iron

"In older cultures, the ironmonger is the wise one, the keeper of the flame and the valued secrets, not just of forging metal, but of life." Infusing Magic in every piece.....

A bit of lore about Iron: The Iron Age in Europe brought about much change in design, in the previous Bronze Age items were cast and decoration mostly consisted in a repetition of rectilinear patterns, iron forging opened the doors to a more curvilinear and flowing style of designing..Finished products were hand pounded and formed to make useful items such as chain mail, decorative design and works of art, personal ornaments for adornment, and chain. Arte del metal, (metal art),

Armour of chain-mail was one of the most important inventions in those times, wearing a mail-shirt protected the warrior so that he could move about freely to fight.
A fascinating process from the roasting of ore to extract the iron to the purification and smithing, it is cut, punched, pulled and riveted into the rings of a mail shirt.
During the medieval period, in Europe they learned to produce wrought iron from cast iron (in this context known as pig iron) using finery forges.

Silver Plated flattened Rollo Cable necklace Chain 20" lobster claw clasp listed in:

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