About Us

Welcome to Silver Moon Galleria
Here you will see many wonderful and unusual designer products and lines.
Original Inspired jewelry - Old World vintage designs, Gothic, Renaissance &
and timeless Edwardian Elegance. Nouveau and Deco chic. Celtic, Scottish
and Viking wares.

From Steampunk jewelry to stunning Bohemian flair, page through books of
wisdom, leather and handmade Journals for your potions, lotions, and secrets.
Open delightful treasure boxes, beguiling jeweled amulets, handmade jeweled
containers, boxes and flasks. We also represent some special gift and jewelry
hand picked treasures from some of the best artisans and manufacturers on the

I hope you enjoy browsing through the shop for the newest elements within my
designs and our new collections of treasures!
Enjoy, Designer and Owner - Ruthie Wilden